July 27, 2018 Expensive Taste Meeting Agenda

Location: Mike Bridgeman's place 147 Lyndhurst Drive Kitchener Food: Mike, Mark, Frank Tasters: Posted to the BBM wire, looks delicious 2 Tiered Trial Run: $30 if you want the 60's, $20 for the tasters, will have 1 60 of Whisky per 5 people who want that option, bring your own mix we will have ice and cups available Agenda: August ET Meeting/Cook off... looking for attendance, teams, budget,...

June 29, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Host Tamara Maurer Taster Signatory Vintages Port Dundas 1991 26 Year Old Cask Strength 58% Bottle # 34 of 236, Tamara to review Prospect introduced Lee Snetsinger, welcome good sir! Changes to E-board, going forward for the remainder of the year Tom Suliman will be the treasurer and Josh will assume roll of special events, both Josh and Toms positions are up for renewal in January. Tom spoke...

Masters – Final Results

Masters Pool 2018 - Final Results Congrats to another fantastic year watching the Masters. Adam Lidstone wins the pool! 1st - Adam Lidstone [$350] 2nd - Mark Buchholtz [$175] 3rd - Greg Cusimano [$100] 4th - Raf Wyszynski [$60] 5th - Connor Warren {$25] Winners will be contact Tuesday for prizes. Thanks again to all participants.

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